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Common Mortgage Loan Terms

Real estate loan terms that are common for private, hard money loans.

ACHACH is the abbreviation of Automated Clearing House. It is a kind of payments made electronically through the Automated Clearing House wherein money are transferred from one bank account to another via an intermediary that deliver the money to the final destination. – – ACH
AmortizationIt is paying your debt by making regular periodic payments. – – Amortization
Amortized LoanIt is a loan paid by a set of regular and periodic payments of interest and principal, which are equal. – – Amortized Loan
Anniversary DateIt is the date immediately upon the 12th payment is to be paid. It usually takes place exactly after the MOP Promissory Note. – – Anniversary Date
Annual Percentage Rate (APR)It is the percentage of the interest paid or earned. – – Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
ApplicantThis term is utilized to refer to a person or entity who applies for a financial loan. – – Applicant
Application ChecklistIt’s a list of documents required of the applicant for pre-approval or final loan approval. – – Application Checklist
Appraised ValueIt is the value of the dollar set to the residence of a single family by a licensed appraiser. – – Appraised Value
Automated Clearinghouse (ACH)It is a network of electronic money transfer that authorizes money to be transferred between bank accounts and lenders. This network provides services to those who are not on active payroll state. – – Automated Clearinghouse (ACH)
Balloon PaymentIt’s one of the installment payments under a promissory note, considered the very final milestone or payment that is usually the largest payment among the previous payments. – – Balloon Payment
BeneficiaryIt is a term used to refer to the note that is secured by a deed of trust. – – Beneficiary
BorrowerIt’s used to refer to a person characterized by being eligible and is capable of repaying debt in a loan program. – – Borrower
Bridge LoanIt’s a 12-month long loan given to a borrower immediately upon the net proceeds from a prior dwelling sale aren’t obtainable for the process of buying a new house. It is necessary that the bridge loan is paid off along with the net proceeds from the sale of the prior residence. – – Bridge Loan
Certification of EligibilityIt is to certify that an applicant is competent to apply for a participation program and is also eligible to receive the amount of loan agreed upon. – – Certification of Eligibility
Close of EscrowIt’s a meeting held between the seller, buyer, and the lender wherein funds and property legally alter hands. – – Close of Escrow
Co-BorrowerIt is a term utilized to refer to the person who is responsible for the loan, gets a title interest from the property, and resides in the property as though it were theirs. – – Co-Borrower
Community PropertyIt’s a property obtained by a woman and man, or even either, after they get married, conditional upon not being obtained separately. – – Community Property
Co-SignerIt’s a term used to refer to the person responsible for the loan, but who doesn’t get a title interest from the property or resides in the it. – – Co-Signer
Current MOP RateA rate determined by the usage of the university’s short-lived investment average, rounded to the closest 500th of a percent to which an administrative fee of 0.25% is added. – – Current MOP Rate
CurtailmentIt is an extra payment made to minimize a loan’s principal balance. – – Curtailment
Date of RecordingThis date is when the deed of trust is formally recorded in the county recording books where the real estate property is situated. – – Date of Recording
Deed of TrustIt is a security tool utilized to secure promissory note payments. – – Deed of Trust
DefaultWhen a person fails to keep a promise or fulfill a duty as it is assigned in the Promissory Note or Deed of Trust, – – Default
Deferred Payment LoanIt’s a loan that authorizes the borrower to postpone all the principal and interest payments until the promissory note due date when the principal loan balance and all accrued interest are due. – – Deferred Payment Loan
Down paymentIt is the variation between the price of property and the loan amount. – – Down payment
EmployeeA person appointed to work in their full time job. – – Employee
EquityIt is the difference between the current property indebtedness and the property fair market value. – – Equity
EscrowIt’s the occasion when the buyer and seller agent follows their instructions and handles all of the funds paperwork and disbursement at the time of settlement and closure. – – Escrow
Escrow HoldbackEscrow Holdback is a term utilized to refer to the funds that are kept by the escrow company once the escrow is closed until the time when termite work is complete. – – Escrow Holdback
Evidence of InsuranceIt is a form written by an insurance company. It is especially the duty of the insurance company to provide a policy for a piece of property at a specific time and an outstanding amount. – – Evidence of Insurance
Graduated Payment MortgageIt is a substitutional loan product by the Mortgage Origination Program that provides a lower rate of interest than the MOP rate recently announced. This low interest rate is provided as a percentage which is less than the standard rate. – – Graduated Payment Mortgage
Hazard InsuranceIt’s a type of contract wherein the insurer awards compensation to the insured person upon a loss they have witnessed because of a specific danger. – – Hazard Insurance
Home ImprovementIt is the process of renovating the status of a house structure. – – Home Improvement
Home Loan CoordinatorThe person who is appointed by the chancellor of every campus. This appointee plays the role of the essential contact at the campus level for those applying for loan. – – Home Loan Coordinator
Homeowner’s Insurance PolicyIt’s a policy of insurance that provides householders with covers in case of theft, wind damage, or fire. However, this kind of policy doesn’t cover for flood or earthquake incidents. – – Homeowner’s Insurance Policy
Homeowners AssociationIt’s a homeowners association whose main goal is to serve residents and provide them with lots of facilities. – – Homeowners Association
HUD-1 Closing StatementIt is a financial report providing information about all money received and paid at a loan closure. – – HUD-1 Closing Statement
ImpoundIt’s a part of the mortgage payments set aside by the lender to pay taxes of property immediately upon becoming due. It is worth mentioning that the University Campus is not actually responsible for impounding for these taxes. – – Impound
Inspection ReportsInspection reports are those reports issued by the lender, enabling the borrower to assess their home quality. These reports assess the whole house including the foundation and roof. – – Inspection Reports
InterestMoney paid in exchange for the temporary use of the lender’s money. It’s usually calculated as a percentage of the whole amount. – – Interest
Interest-Only Payment LoanIt is a loan type wherein the lender gets their interest during the loan term; the principal is refunded in a lump summation when it is due. – – Interest-Only Payment Loan
IRS 1098 Mortgage Interest StatementIt’s a document issued by the lender and given to the borrower, thoroughly explaining the total interest amount paid during a whole calendar year. – – IRS 1098 Mortgage Interest Statement
Joint TenancyIt is a shared ownership by 2 or more individuals paying equal interests and having equal rights to the property. – – Joint Tenancy
Lender’s Escrow InstructionsA number of instructions supplied by the Loan Programs Office for a company giving details on the
procedures followed before a loan is granted. – – Lender’s Escrow Instructions
Loan CommitmentIt’s a loan approval released by the Loan Program Office adhering to fund for a program loan to a property or borrower. – – Loan Commitment
Loan Denial letterIt’s a letter issued by the Loan Program Office dismissing the loan application to a specific person due to credit history, insufficient income, or lack of liquid assets. – – Loan Denial letter
Loan UnderwritingThe decision of whether to grant a house buyer a loan or not based on the analysis of risk, assets and credit. – – Loan Underwriting
Loan-to-Value (LTV) RatioThe principal ratio of a loan. It is determined by the appraisal value or the price of the purchase. – – Loan-to-Value (LTV) Ratio
MOP-CalculatorIt’s a digital calculator utilized to decide whether or not an applicant can fulfil the requirements needed for a Mortgage Origination Program loan. – – MOP-Calculator
Mortgage Origination Program (MOP)Mortgage Origination Program was established in 1984. It supplies loans of 80 to 90 percent of a loan value depending on its size plus the interest rate that equals to the STIP average return rate added to a serving fee of 1/4 * 1%. – – Mortgage Origination Program (MOP)
MortgageeIt is utilized to refer to a lender holding a mortgage or Deed of Trust. – – Mortgagee
MortgagorIt is utilized to refer to borrower eligible and committed to pay for a mortgage or Deed of Trust. – – Mortgagor
Net IncomeIt is the monthly salary paid to an eligible borrower after deriving all State payroll or Federal taxes. – – Net Income
Notice of CompletionIt’s a document proclaiming that the due payments are paid off. It refers to the work done by a contractor for non-termite work done on a specific property. – – Notice of Completion
Pre-approvalIt’s a certificate issued by the Loan Programs Office ensuring that a borrower’s’ assets, credit, and income are verified, and the applicant is eligible for the program with a specific interest rate. It is worth mentioning that the interest rate is changeable according to the loan commitment letter loan. – – Pre-approval
Preliminary DisclosuresIt refers to the forms of disclosure imposed upon a loan seeker by Federal law. The forms involve a Fair Lending Notice, a Loan Estimate Disclosure, and a Credit Disclosure. – – Preliminary Disclosures
Preliminary Title ReportIt’s a title search issued in advance to the title insurance commitment issuance required within a loan process. – – Preliminary Title Report
Prepaid InterestIt is a mortgage interest paid off in the funding date until the end of the calendar month. – – Prepaid Interest
Primary ResidenceIt is a residence wherein a person dwells and is deemed as the legal dwelling for income tax. – – Primary Residence
PrincipalIt is the amount of debt without the interest. – – Principal
Principal and Interest to Income RatioThe ratio resulting immediately upon a borrower’s proposal to Principal and Interest payment that are divided by a monthly household income. The permissible ratio for such a kind of loan is 40%. – – Principal and Interest to Income Ratio
ProcessingIt is the arrangement for the application of a mortgage loan that provides consideration documents by a lender. – – Processing
ProgramIt refers to loans provided by a University of California Home Loan Program. – – Program
Purchase Transaction DocumentsA term used to refer to the third party documentation concerning the property. It includes termite inspection report, preliminary title report, property appraisal, real estate transfer disclosure, overall home inspection, foundation, roofing, septic inspections. – – Purchase Transaction Documents
Quit Claim DeedIt is a deed giving up all or part of the interest, claim, or title in a property. – – Quit Claim Deed
ReconveyanceThe conveyance of the property title from a person to the owner. This conveyance tool is utilized to transfer the legal title from the trustee to the trustor after the deed of trust is totally paid. – – Reconveyance
Refinancingpaying the current loan and supplying a new loan. – – Refinancing
RenovationGetting back the main dwelling including improvements, repairs, and any additions to the structure of the dwelling. – – Renovation
Right of RescissionIt’s the right given to a contractor to annul a contract and return the parties to the previous position they possessed before starting the contract. – – Right of Rescission
ServicingIt’s the gathering of payments and the directing of operational procedures concerning a mortgage loan. – – Servicing
Short-Term Investment Pool (STIP)A pool established in 1976. It’s a pool of interest-only cash investment wherein all of the groups of University fund take part. It includes existing funds designated to meet operating expenses, payrolls, and construction in each University Campus. – – Short-Term Investment Pool (STIP)
Standard RateIt is the obtainable average rate of return won by the Short-Term Investment Pool for the 4 quarters prior to the mortgage loan funding to which an administrative fee is added. – – Standard Rate
Subordination AgreementIt’s an agreement negotiated by the burden’s holder against the real estate to allow the claim to take a junior position to other burdens against the real estate. The University might refuse to enter into a Subordination Agreement. – – Subordination Agreement
Tenants in CommonIt is a shared ownership by 2 or more persons that gives each resident the interest and right in the property. These interests are not supposed to be similar in duration or quantity. – – Tenants in Common
TitleThe evidence of the prerogative to ownership of a piece of property. – – Title
Title InsuranceIt’s a policy developed by a title insurance company to insure the house buyer and the lender against mistakes in the title search. The cost of the policy of the owner is a percentage of the price of sales and the policy of the lender is also a percentage of the loan net amount. – – Title Insurance
TrusteeA person holding a property legal title for the purpose of securing any duty performance. – – Trustee