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About Us

Gold Eagle Capital provides conventional mortgages to short-term financing for real estate consumers & investors.

We excel in a full line of conventional mortgage products for our consumer clients. Gold Eagle also offers our hard money lender clients and stakeholders practical wisdom, a wealth of experience without the red tape.

We understand consumers, investors and brokers.

With a unique set of investment sources, Gold Eagle Capital has the flexibility to offer a range of conventional mortgages and private money financial programs.

We are always adapting to the market to best meet your needs and those of your clients.

The Gold Eagle Advantage


We want you to succeed, and then we all succeed. Each deal is not just a transaction, it’s our livelihood. We want to be your partner today and in the future.


We make it simple. You won’t jump through hoops to close your deal with Gold Eagle. If the investment makes sense, we will finance it.


We don’t beat around the bush. You get an answer and upfront pricing fast. Most private money deals are structured with interest only payments with a full-balloon payoff. That’s it.

Hard Money Lender, Specialized Products.
Straightforward Terms.
Exceptional Service.

As a private lender professionals, we specialize in financing the acquisition, rehabitation and refinancing of non-owner occupied, investment properties. Financing expertise in:

  • Fix & Flip
  • Cash Out & Refinance
  • New Construction
  • Bridge Financing
  • 2nd Trust Deeds
  • Commercial Financing